Hello! My name is Brittany.

I was a middle school language arts teacher for 2 years before I had my first child. Then, I faced a dilemma that many others do too; Do I stay home with my child or continue my career as an educator? Well, I decided to do both and become The At Home Educator!

I am an Online Teacher, homeschooling parent, podcast host, wife, and (most importantly) a mom. Join me on my journey navigating a career, motherhood, and more. Together we can all become more enlightened At Home Educators!

Why start this Podcast?

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My hope is that by starting this podcast, I will help other educators embrace the changes that life brings as they continue through their career. Our pathway to our goals are not always straight lines, and I feel like in my life this is especially true. Instead of retreating and giving up on my dreams of a career in Education, I decided to embrace my situation and try to use it to help others the best that I can. 

It is my wish that others will listen to this podcast to learn something new, feel empowered, and maybe laugh a little along the way as well. I am so glad that you are here to come on this journey with me and I can't wait to see where this crazy life takes us as At Home Educators!

What's New?


Listen to my podcast to get a glimpse into the world of online teaching from a fresh perspective. Get tips and tricks to use in the online classroom, hear stories about my crazy life, and listen to interviews with other at home educators like myself! Thanks for listening and remember, you CAN do this!



When it comes to resources, I've got you covered! You will find online teaching equipment, digital resources for online teaching, and resources for brick and mortar Teaching. I also have got loads of great products that I'd recommend for new moms and new educators. Don't worry about having to scroll through pages and pages of resources on Teachers Pay Teachers or tons of products on Amazon. All of these items have best tested by me and you can count on them to get the job done!

Real Life Advice

Life is hard and sometimes you just need someone to give it to you straight. Who better to do that than a complete stranger? (A.K.A. Me) A stanger with extensive knowledge on Online Teaching, Brick and Mortar Teaching, creating digital resources, having a baby, being a first time Mom, moving across the country, and much more! Drop ANY questions about ANYTHING and I will make sure to give you some #RealTalk. Seriously, anything! 

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